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You may have discovered an article in a magazine or online about your business which contains a number of untruths and which may cause financial harm to your business.

Someone may be making derogatory statements about you in your local community about your work or profession in an attempt to damage your reputation.

You may be subject to cyber defamation where someone is using the internet as a tool to spread lies about you through social media such as twitter or Facebook.

You may be accused of expressing an opinion about someone or their business which you believe to be true.

Libel and slander is very common in everyday life but it can be highly complex and fact specific.

If you think you have been subjected to defamation in some way, then you may be entitled to compensation, an injunction and/or an apology.

Our experienced team can provide you with practical legal advice and representation if defamatory comments have been made about you or your business.

Alternatively if you are facing a claim from another party that you have published defamatory statements about them which you deny, our lawyers can provide you with the advice and assistance you may need.

Important things to consider

  • There is a strict time limit of one year for bringing a defamation claim from the date of the publication.
  • If you want to prevent a party from making further defamatory comments or from publishing further defamatory material about you, via a court order or injunction, you must act fast.  The outcome may be not what you are hoping for if you hesitate or delay.

If you would like more information or advice on defamation please contact one of our experienced team.

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