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Support for Those Affected by Domestic Violence

At Elliot Mather we believe that domestic violence is never acceptable. This is why we aim to support individuals who have been affected by domestic violence, to ensure their protection and safety in the future. 

According to NHS statistics, numbers of women and girls being treated in English hospitals after suffering physical, mental or sexual abuse has risen by almost a third in the last 5 years.

Figures show that in the year 2019-20, 1012 female victims of assault were treated in hospitals across England, where the causes of admission were forms of maltreatment, including: physical, mental or sexual abuse. This shocking increase in such cases is 31% higher than that of the figures released in 2015-16, whereby 774 cases were recorded.

We understand that those affected by domestic violence may feel isolated and unable to discuss their situation with others. However, at Elliot Mather we want to highlight that we are here to provide you with sympathetic advice, and represent your best interests to ensure your safety and protection.  

Our expert family law team are specially trained to provide support to individuals whose cases are sensitive in their nature. We appreciate that domestic violence cases can be extremely distressing and upsetting. It is because of this that we at Elliot Mather are able to offer expert guidance and sympathetic advice to ensure your health and wellbeing is protected.

Free initial telephone options appointment

Our expert Family Law team are here to provide support at what may be a difficult time in your life. We provide a free initial telephone options appointment to see how we can assist in your circumstances. Please call 0330 333 2613 for a no obligation, initial discussion or email and we will call you back.

Legal Aid 

Our team take the time to understand the distressing circumstances our clients are in, however, the worry of legal costs can be an added pressure. If you are eligible, Legal Aid makes it possible for you to access legal services, funded by the government, if you do not have sufficient financial means.

Elliot Mather is an approved legal aid firm and will be able to advise you according to your particular circumstances.

How we can help 

At Elliot Mather we understand that domestic violence cases are sensitive in their nature, and approaching a solicitor for support can seem like a daunting process. Our specialist team take the time to ensure you feel comfortable discussing your circumstances, offering clear and straightforward advice throughout your case.  

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, we can advise you about applying to the court for an order to protect you from further domestic violence.  We can also put you in touch with relevant support services (such as counsellors or refuges).

The level of help you would like from us is entirely up to you. Please get in touch with us for more information.


Our Solicitors are able to provide expert advice across the country with a network of offices based in: Chesterfield, Nottingham, Mansfield, and Derby.

How to get in contact 

Our team are on hand to help you and can assist wherever you are based. Please call us for a no-obligation, initial discussion on 0330 333 2613, or email and we will call or email you back.

For further information regarding the NHS statistics, please follow the link: 




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