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BUYING A NEW HOME - Now you have moved in

You made it! You have moved into your new home or have completed the purchase of your investment property, I would remind you of a few things you may wish to consider: -

  1. Make a Will - now that you own an asset, it is important to ensure your house is fully protected and it is made clear what is to happen in the event of your death. It is highly recommended that you have a will prepared if you do not already have one and also consider revising any existing will.

We generally recommend you revise your will following every budget or when you acquire a property to ensure that it is fully up to date with regard to where property should be left and is in line with the current tax thresholds and ensure it is drafted in the most tax efficient way.

Our Probate Department would be happy to provide a quotation for revising/making a will for you and can be contacted via the various links from our website or by calling:

Alastair Seel at our Derby office on 01332 372311

Carrie Stack at our Chesterfield office on 01246 231288

Judi Wigmore at our Mansfield office on 01623 655666

  1. Electric and Gas Checks - During the course of the conveyancing process, we would have obtained any test reports or service documents the seller had obtained for the gas and electrics in the property. However, it is important if no documents were available or if any services or reports were undertaken some time ago, that the gas and electricity are checked by a qualified plumber and electrician to ensure they are all working safely.

  2. Radon Gas - During the conveyancing process we advised you that your property could be affected by Radon gas. You may have assed the risk was so remote not to undertake a search prior to completion but you may wish to do so now for peace of mind.

Please see our radon gas factsheet for further information.

Radon factsheet

Remember, you can obtain a radon report for the property. You can order a radon detector pack from, or you can leave your name and address on the free radon answerphone 0800 614529 for an information pack. The detector pack includes 2 detectors which are placed around the property for 3 months, before being returned in the packaging provided. The results will then be posted out to you.

  1. Carbon Monoxide - This gas is colourless and odourless but is highly toxic to humans and animals and is commonly confused with Radon gas but it is not the same. Carbon Monoxide is produced by the incomplete combustion of the fossil fuels - gas, oil, coal and wood used in boilers, engines, oil burners, gas fires, water heaters, solid fuel appliances and open fires. We would highly recommend you obtain a carbon monoxide alarm to be placed in your home, which would sound the alarm if carbon monoxide traces were within the property for the safety of you and your family or tenants.

  2. Asbestos - Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that has been a popular building material since the 1950s. It is used as an insulator (to keep in heat and keep out cold), has good fire protection properties and protects against corrosion. Because asbestos is often mixed with another material, it's hard to know if you're working with it or not. But, if you work in a building built before the year 2000, it's likely that some parts of the building will contain asbestos. Asbestos is found in many products used in buildings, including ceiling tiles, floor tiles, pipe insulation, outside roofing, artexing, boilers and sprayed coatings.

Asbestos is a hidden killer that can cause serious diseases. These diseases will not affect you immediately; they often take a long time to develop, but once diagnosed, it is often too late to do anything. It's possible that you've worked with, or disturbed asbestos before, but you should make sure you avoid disturbing it, or seek specialist advice if working with it or removing it.

Asbestos factsheet

Electricity and Gas providers - the previous owner may not have been using the most effective tariff or provider for the utility providers or their usage may have been different to yours. It is advisable to undertake a comparison and check what tariffs are available.


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